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GiffGaff - Frequently Asked Questions

 Thinking about joining?

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- What do I need to join giffgaff?
- Is it free to order a sim?
- How do I order a sim?
- What is the £5 offer?
- Can I transfer my existing number to giffgaff?
- How do I activate my sim?
- Is tethering allowed?
- Where are the giffgaff terms and conditions?
- What is network coverage like in my area?
- Does Giffgaff have 4G?
- Do Giffgaff sims work in tablets?
- What is a goodybag?
- What is the Hokey Cokey goodybag?
- What is a gigabag?
- How long will my airtime credit last?

 Already with us...

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- How do I top-up on Giffgaff?
- How do I check my Giffgaff balance?
- How do I report my phone and / or sim stolen?
- How do I remove the age restriction to enable over 18 content?
- When does my goodybag end?
- How do I check my voicemail?
- How can I switch voicemail on/off?
- How much does it cost to check my voicemail?
- Why aren't my MMS working?

 Thinking about leaving...

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- How do I request my PAC code?